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Are salt lamps from the Himalayas safe for cats?

This article is telling to you that Himalayan Salt Lamps are safe for cats. Unique Mineral deals international standard salt lamps. They are the top dealer of Himalayan Salt Lamps and Himalayan Salt Exporter from Pakistan. You can buy Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan through Unique Mineral.

Himalayan salt lamps can do a number of good for your home. Not only do they provide a comforting glow throughout the home, but they are also said to have beneficial health effects, such as decreasing anxiety, improving sleep quality and reducing vulnerability to allergies. Depending on the amount of Himalayan salt lamps you have at home, you could greatly improve the quality of your air.

But what if you have a cat? We have all heard the saying "Snooping has killed the cat" and whoever owns one of these downy felines understands how curious it can be. Cats like to explore and understand their home completely. And, unlike most dogs, cats can jump relatively in relation to their counters and tables, greatly increasing the chances of encountering their Himalayan salt lamp. So, what if they do?

There are two possible problems with cats and salt lamps in the Himalayas. The first is the damage factor. Despite its reputation, not all cats are funny. As the owner of a cat, you may have already seen this moment: your cat jumps on a table, very confident in his abilities, to land on a periodical and slide towards you as it falls to the ground.

Himalayan Salt Lamp you can rest knowing that your Himalayan salt lamp will probably not affect your feline friend in a negative way.

Since Himalayan salt lamps are usually placed on tables or shelves, a fall could have devastating consequences for your precious property. Salt crystals, although difficult to touch, are quite crumbly and easy to shard. Even if your cat just removes the lamp a few feet, it may be enough to crack or damage your product.

But let's say that your cat does not stumble its salt lamp from the Himalayas, is there any danger if he licks it? The basic answer is: not really.

Salt is not naturally toxic to cats. Despite this, there is bad information that suggests that if your cat simply licks its salt lamp, it will be seriously threatened. It just is not true.

"The problem is this: Himalayan salt lamps and pets really complement each other."

Any excess food is bad for anyone. The same goes for salt and cats. Of course, if your cat licks his lamp excessively and does not drink water, it could be a problem, as if we were eating too much salt and not rehydrating, we could get sick.

However, any animal, cat or man that works normally, would simply drink water if it gave too much salt. In fact, for some animals (most farm animals), "salt cans" are sold to promote salt consumption.
Now, we don’t recommend licking cat salt, but having a salt lamp in your home does not present any inherent danger to your cat. After all, look what this girl feels for her salt lamp.

The problem is this: the salt lamps of the Himalayas and the pets really complement each other. Many people with pets enjoy the benefits of their salt lamp, while playing with their boyfriends in their charming splendor.

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Himalayan Pink Salt for Health and Beauty - Secrets to Use

Himalayan Pink Salt for Health and Beauty - Secrets to Use

This salt is included in any program of proper nutrition, curative and rejuvenation of the body. She is involved in my detox program. Now I drink water with a touch of salt every day, and in general I eat it constantly. Most people who think about their health, go to the constant use of Himalayan Pink Salt, replacing it with the usual cooking "Extra", rock salt, sea and other types of salt.

In addition, the Himalayan Pink Salt is multifunctional and can be used not only in food, it has well functions. Himalayan Pink Salt is our Health and Beauty!

What is good for Himalayan Pink Salt for health?

Himalayan Pink Salt is commonly used in Eastern medicine, the masters of Tibet have long and successfully used the Himalayan Pink Salt in bioenergy, it is popular with doctors in China, it is used by the masters of martial arts of the East.

The list of useful properties of this salt is huge, I will tell about the most important:
·         When ingested, this salt is able to release special ions that destroy very harmful molecular bonds in the body, such as various salt deposits, sclerotic growths that form on the vessels and much more.
·         Maintains natural electrolyte balance.
·         When the process of evaporation of the Himalayan Pink Salt occurs, the air is saturated with useful substances, in particular, sodium and barium.
·         Improves absorption of vitamins and minerals.
·         Himalayan Pink Salt normalizes pressure.
·         Relieves depression, improves mood.
·         Heals diseases of the musculoskeletal system, reduces pain in the joints.
·         Powerfully regenerates and rejuvenates the cells of the body. This property of pink salt at one time was noticed by Avicenna.
·         Cleans the body from toxins.
·         Restores the water-salt metabolism in the body.
·         Improves all processes in the digestive system.
·         Himalayan pink salt perfectly relaxes the muscle tissue of the whole body.
·         It is an excellent source of many important trace elements.
·         If you apply this salt in reasonable doses, it does not retain water in the tissues of the body, so there will be no puffiness from it.
·         It has a slight laxative and diuretic effect.
·         It improves blood and lymph circulation in the body.
·         This salt is completely absorbed by our body!
·         Able to reduce hangover.
·         It miraculously strengthens the immune system, helps to hurt less during the cold season and during the epidemics of influenza.

Where do you get the real Himalayan salt?

This salt “owes” its name to the place where it was first discovered and then started to be mined - this, of course, is the Himalayan mountain range. It is there that its mined to this day. Salt mined in these areas is very much esteemed in the world. The reason is that it is there that nature is completely untouched by human activity, and it is accurately that there is a pure ecology, which you simply cannot meet now, friends? This is also its advantage over sea salt, considering how our seas and water bodies are polluted!

How to use pink Himalayan salt in cosmetology – recipes

Himalayan salt used in various cosmetologically procedures is the most effective means for powerful rejuvenation.

And it’s not necessary for this to go to beauty salons, everything can be perfectly done at home!

I often clean my face with Himalayan Pink Salt

For this, I use several recipes, share:

1.      The simplest option - after washing it is to apply a bit of salt mixed with simple water onto moist skin and it is easy to massage.
2.      You can mix a small amount of salt with a spoon of sour cream, apply on clean skin, massage and rinse with water. This will be a more nutritious option.
3.      Here is another excellent cleaning and scrubbing composition for the skin: mix egg white with salt, add honey. Apply to clean skin, massage. You can leave for a few minutes. Wash off.

As a result, you will have exceptionally smooth, clean and fresh skin, as well as a visible lifting effect!

Excellent skin care salt tonic prepared independently.

Here are the recipes:

1.      Any good mineral water, a spoon of Himalayan Pink Salt, a couple of drops of essential oils that you like. All thoroughly mix and wipe the skin every time after washing with a cotton pad moistened with this composition.
2.      The recipe is the same, only everything else you need to add a spoonful of honey. This composition is already perfect for those who need active rejuvenation of the skin, those who have it fading, mature and dry, with wrinkles and even wrinkles.
3.       This is a salt tonic with herbs. In a decoction or infusion of herbs (chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, etc.) you need to add a spoonful of salt.

For more efficiency, add honey and essential oils.

Masks with Himalayan Pink Salt are able to perfectly rejuvenate the face and quickly bring the “face into proper shape”.

I love these masks for completely coping with any problems, be it a tired face, dull skin color, reduced skin elasticity and much more:

1.      Fruit mask with Himalayan Pink Salt perfectly refreshes the skin, tightens, removes inflammation. To do this, take any fruit or berry (apple, kiwi, currants, gooseberries, etc.), chop, add a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of sour cream, a spoonful of honey. Apply to cleansed face and hold for 10 minutes, not more. Rinse and apply moisturizer or nourishing cream.
2.      Egg-salt mask with honey is a super tool for tired and dry skin! For it you need to mix egg yolk, honey, salt, a little vitamin A and E in oil, a teaspoon of olive (or any other) oil. Grind and apply on cleansed skin. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and apply cream.
3.      As a result - in the mirror you will see a “for some reason all of a sudden” face rejuvenated by several years!

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Why Himalayan Salt Is necessary for the Human Body

This article is telling about that why Himalayan Salt in necessary for the human body. Unique Mineral Provide the quality Himalayan Salt they are salt dealers in Pakistan who deals all kind of Himalayan Salt Product and Himalayan Salt Exporter Pakistan.   

What happens to the human body, which is familiar to Himalayan Salt every dish that eats? How can you easily give up Himalayan Salt, and what foods contain much-needed sodium?

A few thousand years ago, Himalayan Salt was not considered a necessary product. Only with the development of agriculture, when it became clear that salt is able to protect products from spoilage, it began to be used in the diet. However, since salt is very difficult to extract, it was so expensive that the majority of the population was inaccessible. Most people did not eat this seasoning and were alive and well.

In our time, salt is consumed in such huge quantities as never before. You may think that you don’t eat a lot of salt, because, filling the dish, put it quite a bit. But it often turns out that almost all the food you eat during the day contains salt.

It is especially invisible in the purchased products. It is added everywhere, firstly, because it increases the shelf life, and secondly, because it significantly improves the taste. With salt, you can eat almost any tasteless product. It is added even where, according to the logic of things, it should not be: in dough, cookies, sweets, chocolate, soda.


Sodium is a component of all body fluids (blood plasma, extracellular fluid, lymph). It is necessary for the regulation of water and acid-base balance, transmission of neural impulses, muscle contraction, etc.


To maintain health, organic sodium is needed, while salt is inorganic sodium chloride. To extract sodium from this compound, the body needs additional resources.

While if you eat food that contains this substance in its natural form, you are unlikely to be able to exceed its rate. In addition, in natural food sodium comes in combination with other trace elements that help its captivation and save the body's forces. You can buy Himalayan Salt from unique minerals who is the Himalayan Salt Supplier from Pakistan and Salt Dealer from Pakistan. They export all kind of salt from Pakistan to all over the world where the customer/consumer want to import. If anyone want to purchase Himalayan Edible Salt, they can contact to Unique Mineral for buy it because they are the Himalayan Edible Salt Exporter from Pakistan.


Potassium is located inside the cell, sodium - outside - in the extracellular fluid. In order for the cells to be healthy, it is necessary that the sodium in the extracellular fluid is less than in the cell itself. Then sodium is attracted by the cell and infiltrates it along with nutrients. If sodium in the extracellular fluid is more, then it threatens to destroy the cell. Then the surrounding tissues give up their water in order to dilute the too salty medium of the extracellular fluid. In the intercellular space, edema occurs, and if a person does not change his eating habits, he goes into inflammation, while the cells themselves suffer from water deficiency. It should be noted that many doctors believe that inflammation is the root cause of many diseases, including cancer.


For the body there is absolutely no need for salt ingestion. However, to reduce its use is quite difficult. Indeed, how to learn to eat a dish, putting in it only half the amount of salt to which you are accustomed?

Specialists in natural nutrition believe that salt is addictive. It is for this reason that most people cannot simply reduce its content in their diet. Abandoning salt is easier than salting food only by half.

And so that the dish does not seem bland and to give work to your taste bud, you can add lemon juice and black pepper. Try putting a grain of salt on your tongue - you will feel that it burns your tongue, lemon juice does the same. Thus, you will divert your attention from salt and stop blaming yourself for weak will. Here, you cannot eat salt at all!

But, of course, to completely eliminate salt from the diet, you will need to give up a few ready-made products. First of all, from the usual hard cheese (this is the record for the salt content, and yet it is added to it not to improve the taste, but to better preserve the product) and from canned food. If you decide to export the Himalayan Salt you can contact to the unique mineral they deal the best quality of Himalayan Salt. Their salt quality is very good to other dealer and according to the international standard. They are the salt dealer in Pakistan that deals all types of salt product.  

Where to Purchase Himalayan Salt?

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Himalayan salt lamps and allergies: how they help relieve symptoms

This article is advising about that How the Himalayan Salt Lamps are protecting you by the allergy. Unique Mineral is a Himalayan Salt Supplier from Pakistan and salt dealer in Pakistan which provide the different products of salt. You may Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan from the Himalayan Salt Lamps wholesaler from Pakistan (Unique Mineral)

“As per the American College of Allergy report, Asthma and Immunology, more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. That's more than 15 percent of the general population"
If you are one of the unfortunate people who are affected by seasonal allergies, you know how uncomfortable and uncomfortable it can be to deal with your daily affairs with itchy eyes, runny nose and sore throat.

Fortunately, there are many allergy treatments available and you may be surprised to learn that your Himalayan Salt Lamp may be the remedy you need to improve your health.

This is what you should know about the effect of Himalayan salt on allergies.

Allergies to the salt lamp of the Himalayas. Salt lamps from the Himalayas could be the solution to help curtail allergy symptoms cleaning the air to reduce allergies

The air inside your home is more polluted than you can imagine if you are living in sub urban or urban area. Even if you are diligent in cleaning, it is likely that there is still dust, dandruff and other microscopic particles floating around. During the high season of allergies, common allergens are inevitably also tracked inside.

Beyond common air cleaning measures, such as changing filters and vacuuming, you can improve the air inside your home with the strategic location of the Himalayan salt lamps.

"You may be surprised to learn that your Himalayan salt lamp may be the remedy you need to improve your health."

These lamps extract microscopic elements of dust, mold and pet dander to their surface through a process called hygroscope. This means that they attract water molecules from the air, bringing with them strange particles.

When the water comes in contact with the lamp, it vaporizes, leaving the irritants on the surface of the lamp and effectively removing particles from the air, allowing the lungs to breathe more easily.
However, keep in mind that a lamp can only do a lot. To more effectively clean indoor air, you must maintain a thorough cleaning regime and place several Himalayan Salt Lamps throughout your home.

Reduce positive ions indoors

Allergy symptoms are often exaggerated by the fact that many modern homes are flooded with positive ions emanated by electronic devices. According to Ion Loop, your cell phone, computer and TV can generate these positively charged molecules, which in turn can compromise your immune system, irritate your lungs and worsen your allergies.

Himalayan salt lamps can help mitigate these effects by minimizing the amount of positive ions in your home. The real Himalayan salt lamps discharge natural negative ions that neutralize the positive irritating ions, leaving you with a feeling of energy and refreshment. This can help reduce your allergy symptoms and allow you to breathe more easily.

The more electronic devices you have, the more positive ions you will need to neutralize. If you have multiple electronic devices in your bedroom or living room, you may want to invest in several Himalayan salt products to more efficiently combat the annoying negative ions.

While it may not cure all of your allergy symptoms, Himalayan salt lamps have several benefits that can help reduce your worst colds and sneezes, especially when used in conjunction with other common treatment methods. Check out our complete collection of Himalayan salt lamps today!

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